Who we are ?

Who we are ?

Chloé Deleforge

chloecameraWith a Master II in documentary shooting, I worked for two years as a trainer in a paris association for popular education which is teaching audio visual techniques (Canal Marches). I also took part, as a technician, in the realisation of documentaries in Mongolia, Morocco, Tunisia…. Convinced that the video is an efficient and essential medium to shed light to positive initiatives, I am now making use of my technical and artistic knowledge and skills for the Eco-logis project.

Olivier Mitsieno

portrait olivierA law graduate, my first experiences in NGOs prompted some questions such as the limits of their operations and more widely humanitarian action. Rather than repairing the mistakes of a society based on the exhaustion of natural resources and the exploitation of the southern countries, I want to work on the emergence of alternatives to this model which is experiencing one crisis after another. After a diploma in carpentry, the Eco-logis project if for me the opportunity to promote precious know-hows in ecological buildings to those who wish to get to grips with the keys of their autonomy in the developing countries as well as in the so-called developed countries.

L’association « Porte-Bagages »

The eco-housing project is carried by the Normandy association “Porte-Bagages”. Set up in January 2007, this structure’s purpose is to support and help young people in organising projects which comply with the environment, which focus on such values as citizenship, solidarity, inter-culture and ecology. This association has already supported two significant projects :

– “Vent d’Est” in 2007: a two-month trip on a tandem to connect the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea, meeting European citizens (4 participants). It was helped by such devices as Jeunesse en Action et Envie d’Agir, the conseil Général of the Eure and the town of Val de Reuil.

– “Eurotrip” in 2009: two participants to Vents d’Est take to the road again for a six-month long tour of Europe on a tandem and they are going to cycle through some fifteen countries.