Our partners

Our partners

Public Institutions

Land management with a policy of sustainable development in mind is a major concern for the Region.

The Département mobilises its skills and its means to act when it comes to waste management, climate changes and preserving biodiversity.

The Seine-Eure Conurbation is in charge of collecting and processing waste as well as public cleanliness.

Val-de-Reuil is a town built in the country, in the heart of the Eure département. The Noës eco-village and its 100 accommodation possibilities will be built, on the banks of the Eure, pursuant to the ZEN (“zero energy”) standards.

Louviers is situated in the Eure département. The City is striving to make sustainable development its priority when it comes to implementing its land management policy.

Poses is a small French town, situated in the Eure département, on the banks of the river Seine.

Private Partners

Mongo is also offering its clients, private individuals as well as public companies, to choose wooden buildings and making use of the local straw balls as an insulating material.

Au Vieux Campeur is a French chain of stores selling sports and leisure goods.


“Promoting the quality of architecture, town planning and environment…”, those are the activities of the CAUE.

The Agence Locale de l’Energie et du Climat de l’Eure, will support you in all your projects to monitor energy and the development of renewable energies.

The CRIJ welcomes you when you are looking for information in whatever fields : Training, trades, mobility within Europe, setting up projects, jobs, health, Daily life, leisure…


Our approach can be summed up by quoting Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We want to make change more accessible to everybody by sharing the experiences of our trip, but also living choices which are still marginal.

The S!lence magazine has been published since 1982. It wishes to be a link between all the people who think that it is possible today to live differently without accepting what both the media and the government want us to see as a fatality.

The Normandie current affairs with Paris Normandie, your regional newspaper giving your news from Rouen, Le Havre, Dieppe and Evreux.