The Eco-accommodations

Together with us, discover building techniques which may be widely adapted and reproduced on the planet

• simple, requiring few tools and accessible without previous knowledge

•ecological, making use of local materials (natural or recycled), breathing materials with interesting properties when it comes to regulating the heat

not expensive thanks to rather cheap materials and to a limited transport of the same; thanks to the energy savings performances

Raw earth


Straw bale

Recycle materials like Earthships





illustration earthship

illustration earthship


maison bambou simon velez1

A few characteristics

grows fast, may be used as early as in its 4th year – an efficient alternative to the deforestation of tropical forests
ecological, requires no pesticides and no fertiliser to grow
pexceptional mechanical proprieties allying strength and flexibility
photosynthesis bamboo captures carbon dioxide and produces oxygen

Projects visited

Columbia :
Simon Vélèz, an Columbian architect nicknamed ‘the master of vegetal steel’ (website)
Marcelo villegas, an engineer who – with Simon Vélèz – together with Simon Vélèz – developed a system of assembling bamboo enabling to push back the mechanical limits of this material
Arquitectura Mixta, a structure in Columbia organising workshops intended for people who want to learn to build using Bamboo (website in Spanish)



Schema earhthsip

Some Characteristics

recycling tyres and used bottles for the walls
water preforming management, collecting rain waters, phyto-purification of grey and black waters
energy self-sufficient : solar panels and house wind turbines
efficient temperature regulation

– the huge window to the south allow a good sunbeam penetration in the house
– the semi-basement northern facade give a stron inertia

Projects visited

Turkey : A recycle material house in a small village
Canada : ES-Cargo, the first Earthship-type house in Quebec (website in French)
USA : Earthship Biotecture; The inventors of the Earthships (Website)


maison paille GREB

A few characteristics

natural waste from the production of cereals
excellent insulation heat and sound
fireproof thanks to their compression which keeps the air outside
différentes techniCs : Load Bearing, filling a wooden framework…

Projects visited

France : Toziel, a straw bale house (Page Facebook)
Grèce : Stagones; Young Grecs are living in the wild (Website in Greek )
Canada : GREB; « Le Groupement de recherche écologique de la Baie » has invented a straw bale building technic (Website in French)


chantier adobe au nicaragua1

A few characteristics

abundant resources on the planet, which are renewed naturally
low ecological footprint, requires no baking and hardly any water
important thermal inertia, the outside temperature changes have a slow impact on the inner temperature
malleable, enables great creativity in the construction and decorations
many different techniques : cob, clay and straw mortar, adobe, torchis, CEB (compressed earth block)……

Projects visited

Italie : CDTerra; Research center on the raw earth constructions (Website in italian)
Greece :; Association which regularly organise workshop (Website in Greek)
Inde : Saraya; Eco-lodge (Website)
Thaïland : DinDang; Research center (Website)
– AMCC; women building association (Website in Spanish )
– Nicaragua Pueblo Project; Association which revalue the traditionals earthen building method (Website)


chantier sac de terre nepal

A few characteristics

fast building compared to the raw earth housese
resistant fireproof, thermite proof, flood proof, earthquake resistant (even more so for the earthbag domes super-adobes )
important thermal inertia, the outside temperature changes have a slow impact on the inner temperature
the super-adobes require no wood, no steel or any other materials for their roofs.

Projects visited

Nepal : First Step Himalayp Himalaya, an ONG which promot education and earth-bag building in the rural areas; (Website )
Thaïland : A young couple hve built a big rond earth-bag house ( Facebook page)
– Cal-earth; The institut which have invented the SuperAdobes (Website )
United Earth Builders, SuperAdobes 100% Natural (Website )

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